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8 Great Gifts for a 10-Year-Old Kid

Polly C April 6, 2022 0 comments

8 Great Gifts for a 10-Year-Old Kid 

When kids hit ten years, simple toys no longer capture their attention. Besides, their imaginations and interests widen. Choosing the right gift for a child of that age may be challenging. 

That’s why we wish to help. Here are the great gift ideas for your 10-year-old kid. Most preteen kids have found them captivating.

Instant Camera

As the kid goes around the neighborhood exploring the surrounding, the instant mini camera comes in handy. The child can capture the fascinating scenes. By so doing, those camping trips, beach rides, and parties will never fade out from his memory.

And the best feature-the camera has an automatic exposure measurement. Moreover, you can use the high key mode to get extra bright pictures. It even has a selfie mirror to aid you to capture the perfect shot. 

Nail Stamper Studio

A nail stamper studio forms a thoughtful gift for your girl. It accommodates all nail sizes and offers a variety of designs. And it employs the non-toxic water-based formula. 

The nail stamper studio can customise up to 125 nails before it runs out of ink. When your kid is preparing for birthday or sleepover parties, it finds its ideal application. It’s so simple to use that a10 year old won’t require any external assistance. 

Portable Air Hockey Table

A portable air hockey table forms an inspiring gift for a 10-year-old. During weekends, your kid can invite his friends over to play a thrilling game. 

An air hockey game keeps the kids preoccupied indoors, assists in exercise, and takes them off from endless watching of television. And a tabletop version weighs as little as 19lbs!

Instead of letting the kids roam about, give them this table and get them busy. Moreover, it encourages the formation of social ties. 

Foldable Kick Scooter

A foldable kick scooter is a viable gift for kids who likes to adventure and exercise. Give it to your kid and inspire him to exercise regularly.

Its frame is of lightweight and sturdy Aluminium material. Depending on the kid’s height, he can adjust the scooter to fit him. Though it weighs 9lbs only, the scooter tolerates up to 220lbs, and that should accommodate most 10-year-olds.

Don’t Laugh Challenge Game

For a child that’s somehow shy and lacks personality, the joke book and game make a thoughtful gift. The challenge game helps your child build up personality, social skills and even inspires creativity. 

Each kid takes turns in reading out jokes, act silly scenarios with accompanying funny facial expressions. During that time, the other party must not laugh or smile. The don’t laugh challenge game fits both 10-year-old girls and boys. 

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall 75954 Building Kit and Magic Castle Toy

If your kids are fans of Harry Potter Films, then the building kit and magic castle toy make a great gift for them. The pack includes ten fantasy mini-figures to help the kids in role-playing and exploring magical adventures.

Tapping from famous Harry Potter films, the kit test kids’ creative skills in recreating thrilling scenes and locations from the movie. 

Portable JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

When you have a kid who likes music and maybe rapping, a portable Bluetooth speaker will charm him. It makes a great asset to pair with a tablet or smartphone. 

When you charge the speaker, its battery delivers about 5 hours of listening. When the power runs out, you can plug it directly into the smartphone via the audio cable. 

Your child can use this Bluetooth speaker almost everywhere since it is IPX7 waterproof. It can withstand occasional drops thanks to its rubber-like casing. 

Doodle World Map Pillowcase, Color Your Pillow Case

It’s a pillowcase that’s simple yet educative. The cotton pillowcase has a world map, interesting features, and facts. Thus during those moments she hasn’t fallen asleep your little angel can take time colouring the features and maps while also enriching her geography knowledge. 

And when you wash the cotton pillow in warm water, the colors fade out allowing you to start coloring all over again. 


With the above gift ideas, gifting your 10-year-old doesn’t have to stress you out. The list caters to what interests both sexes. So take your time, reflect on what your little kid like most, and match it with a viable gift idea from the post. 

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