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Benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles

Polly C February 15, 2019 0 comments

Benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles

Are you playing apps or on social media all day? Sometimes what you might need is just to unplug yourself and give yourself or family an escape from your device!

The first benefit of doing a jigsaw puzzle is that you can wrestling yourself or your kids away from the screens and television! When you do a jigsaw puzzle, it requires your full attention and you need to be really focus on it.

Do you know doing jigsaw puzzles actually gives you an opportunity to exercise your left and right sides of your brain? There are numerous of benefits training up your brain, such as improving your problem solving skills!

This one is obvious! To put the puzzle together, you will have to memorise the shapes and colours of each piece of the puzzle. So doing a jigsaw puzzle can train, enhance and reinforces your mental speed as well as to improve your short term memory!

Do you know what makes a jigsaw puzzle so challenging? Yes, the colours and the complexity of the graphics! To finish a jigsaw puzzle, you need to figure out where to put the pieces. This will in fact improve your visual spatial reasoning, for example it might helps with when you are driving a car, doing a reverse parking, navigating a map, playing a real world escape room and many other activities!

Putting a puzzle together requires hours and hours. When doing a jigsaw puzzle, you are entering your mind, just like doing meditations. This will help you to relieve stress. Don’t forget, try to stay relax when you are doing a puzzle, it’s not a competition after all!

Have you tried doing puzzles with your friends or family, if not you should definitely give it a go! Doing puzzle is a great family activities and it will bring the family closer! This will also give you the opportunities to have a conversation while working toward a shared goal!

What makes you to buy a puzzles, be it a beautiful painting, your favourite cartoon character or the classic painting. After you put it together, you can always frame it, write on it and put it up on the wall which will make your space looks nice!

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