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The inspiring story behind ALBIE: Tabac Al Oud

Polly C September 4, 2022 0 comments

Albert Albie Aldahawi (born January 29, 1993), better known as Albie, is an Assyrian-Australian entrepreneur, professional wrestler and a social media influencer.

He is a lifestyle advocate and has built a fanbase that looks up to him and learns from his inspirational story. Albie has extended his positive influence and ā€œnever give upā€ attitude to thousands of his followers. When Albert was eight years old, his parents and him ran away from my birth country, Jordan Aman, after there was a war against Christians. They escaped the country on two small fishing boats with 60 other people. During the journey, they were lost at sea for seven days. One boat had sunk and those who survived were captured and put into jail. When they reached Australia, he was locked up at Christmas Island jail for one year. Throughout his childhood, the one thing that kept him hopeful was watching wrestling on TV with dad whenever they got the chance to. When they were released, he started wrestling his little brother in the backyard and uploading the videos on YouTube. Eventually our videos reached over 20 million views and he enrolled into a professional wrestling school. He was able to win his first tag team championship from the Australian Wrestling Federation.

One of his career highlights was being able to release his own signature cologne, ā€œALBIE: Tabac Al Oudā€ through city Perfume and his website, AlbieShop.com. This fragrance was created in memory of Albert’s time at the refugee camp he was locked away in with his family for 11 months when he came to Australia on a boat. The smell reminds him of fresh baked bread and vanilla cake from the cafeteria that he could smell outside in the morning with the forest wood smoke/tobacco in the air mixed together. Itā€™s a mix of tobacco and vanilla. Albie Tobac Al Oudh. Albert has created a scent from a memory that reminds him to enjoy the small things in life when it gets tough. Thereā€™s always something small to make you smile, like a craving scent while locked up in an asylum camp.

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