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How to Choose Father’s Day Gifts?

Polly C August 24, 2023 0 comments

Compared to gifts for mothers, selecting gifts for dads can indeed be more challenging due to their rational nature. But don’t worry, if you focus on these three points, your dad will surely love your gift!

Extend from What He Already Has

Truth be told, guys don’t really need or want things they won’t use. So, if he doesn’t have something, he probably doesn’t need it. Observe what your dad already has or is interested in, and then expand on that. Here are some examples:

If he’s in sales, gift him a quality pen he can use for signing contracts. If he’s an office worker who frequently uses a computer, consider a keyboard wrist rest. If he enjoys drinking, you could give him a nice bottle of whiskey. Believe me, these kinds of gifts will definitely be appreciated!

Practicality Always Comes First

Men think differently from women, and even though handmade items might hold sentimental value, they might not be as enduringly appreciated as you’d hope. While a handmade item might bring immediate happiness, its lasting effect could be as short as one minute. Most of these items end up tucked away as collectibles.

So, if you want your dad to be consistently happy, choose practical gifts. For instance, when my dad’s belt broke, I gifted him a nice belt. He wears it every day and even wears it out until it’s no longer usable. Not only does this save you time, but it also has a better impact.

Avoid Repeating Gifts

This is a big no-no. While some dads might not show it for their children’s sake, you probably don’t want him to receive something he won’t use, right? If your dad is frugal, he might even feel like you’re wasting money. Items like razors are a good example – electric razors can last a long time.

So, if you’ve given something before or your dad already has it, don’t repeat it. Observe what he’s been using for a long time or what’s almost broken, especially items he can’t bring himself to replace. Gifting these kinds of items will definitely make him happy and score you extra points!

Not Sure What To Gift? Choose a Hamper

A Father’s Day Gift Baskets isn’t just a gift; it’s a basket of memories waiting to be made. Unlike a single gift, hampers present an array of surprises. Whether it’s the joy of discovering treats or the myriad of textures and tastes, hampers offer more than just items – they provide experiences. Regardless of whether your father resides in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, or any other Australian gem, there’s a hamper suited just for him.

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