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Make an old photo into a puzzle

Polly C June 15, 2021 0 comments

Christmas, Eastern or a birthday is coming up and it’s the time to look for good presents for your loved ones – again. Every year it can be super hard to find personalized and unique gifts for everyone. 

One of the best ideas to turn into a present is time. Whether you go for a hike, on a deserved vacation or to a great concert; spending some time with the people around you is wonderful. And it is even better when you capture them forever in form of pictures. It’s a nice way to look back on good times and to get lost in the nostalgia. This way you can even sit together with your grandparents and have a look at moments in their own childhood.

Coming back to the present issue, we ask: Why not put those two components together into one gift?
Spending some time together and looking back on memories is a great way to surprise someone for their special day or an upcoming festive. 

Therefore, our idea: Making an old photo into a puzzle. 

A personalized puzzle is perfect for enjoying some time with family friends or your partner while chatting about amazing moments together. And it is something you can keep forever by simply hanging it up on the wall like a normal framed picture.

So here’s what you have to do: 

  • Go to puzzle-shop.com.au and choose the “Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle” option.
  • Choose how many pieces of a puzzle you’d like and what size it should be.
  • Go through your old pictures on your laptop and choose your favourite one.
  • Place an order online and send your picture to the provided email address.
  • That’s it! Now it’s time to wait for your gift to arrive. This usually won’t take longer than a week so make sure you don’t decide to get this as a last-minute present. 

You don’t have a digital version of the photo you want to use?

No worries! Whether you lost your memory card, your phone broke down or your pictures were shot in the last century on different media – Look up photo to digital scanning services around you and turn your picture into a file on your laptop. This way it is easy to send it off anywhere or even share it on social media.

Photo to digital scanning services are the best way to gain easy access to old pictures. Whether you’d like to share those vintage snapshots of your childhood online, or simply just want to create a nice present for special occasions. Printed images can be easily lost or destroyed, so don’t wait for this to happen and backup your memories. 

The good thing:  Photo scanning service prices usually vary between 0.20c and $2 depending on the format you have (Photos, Slides, Negatives). So instead of buying an expensive scanner by yourself, get help from professionals who will treat your memories like old treasures. 

We would like to introduce you to Scan Ur Pics a small Perth digital scanning services

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